What to expect from a meeting



We will teach how Jesus and the disciples ministered to people through power, authority, and faith. We also teach about the gifts of the Spirit, how to use them and how to get them. We use the Bible to show everything we teach as well as give some testimonies of things we have seen God do through us personally.


Once we have taught how Jesus and the disciples healed people, we start the demonstration. We usually do this by asking someone in the congregation to come up that has pain or sickness in their body. We then demonstrate that God can heal that person through us. After that person has been healed we have another sick or injured person come up. We also have someone come up from the audience to minister to that person to show that God can heal through them as well. The point of this is to show that God can use any ordinary believer to heal people. 

Impart and activation

At the end of the meeting we like to impart our gifts to the crowd and activate them. Similarly to how Jesus activated the 72 disciples and sent them out. Romans 1:11 tells us that we can impart gifts to each other. We believe we have most of the gifts of the Spirit and want to give them to any believer that will receive them. The point of this is to equip and encourage every believer so they can go out and lay hands on the sick so they can recover for evangelizing purposes to reach the lost and bring glory to God

Frequently asked questions

What denomination are you?

We are the Jesus denomination! In other words we do not follow any specific denominations. We just follow Jesus and pursue a relationship with Him through God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Does everyone get healed?

Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. What I can guarantee you is that you will be touched by God and your life won't be the same. Usually about 90 to 95 percent of people at the meetings will be either fully healed or partly healed. Many times the healing will start at the meeting and will finish the next day, week, or even several months. 

What happens if someone doesn't get healed?

Try again. It can take many attempts to get someone healed sometimes. If they aren't healed when you pray once or twice, keep going until you see breakthrough. Mark 8:22-26 talks about how it took Jesus two attempts to get the man healed. If it took Jesus two times it may take us 10 or even 20 attempts. Never give up. It is God's will that everyone is healed. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I don't think people are sick in heaven, do you?


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