We have hundreds of amazing healing, salvation, and deliverance testimonies. We don't share them to brag, but to show what God can do through ordinary people who believe in the Bible enough to step out and love people. To make fools of ourselves to the world so Christ will shine. So people will meet and believe in their creator, because the kingdom of heaven is at hand! So here are a few testimonies to give you an idea of what you will see when you fully believe in God's word, the Bible. If you need healing or deliverance click the button and we will get back to you to minister over the phone or email. 

Heart Healed from a Distance in Africa


Good day Lucas, I hope you are doing well I am from the hospital I went there yesterday for some tests and today as well and Glory to God they said I have absolutely nothing in my heart they said my heart works perfectly well. Thank you so much for your prayers. This is my testimony 7 months ago I was diagnosed with Atrial septal aneurysm which is a congenital malformation in the heart and today I have absolutely nothing. God is real and God is great. Glory be to God and again thank you so much. God bless you 📷🏾 

Mexico Couple down on their faith, Healed in Jesus Name

While teaching in a church near Cancun Mexico, there was a man and wife that was telling me that their faith had been struggling ever since their 20 year old child had died of cancer. Their other children had lost their faith because they thought God should have healed their brother as well. After ministering to the husband that had severe diabetes and pain in his leg, he testified that Jesus had healed him. All the pain was gone. He told me in all his life, he had never been healed when someone prayed for him. He was so excited, he said God is real and healing is real! "This is the real deal!" His wife meanwhile had a growth in her stomach and back pain. I went to pray at a distance, but she grabbed my hand and put it on her stomach, so I felt the growth. I commanded it to leave and to be healed and she testified the growth immediately left, along with her back pain. They were so happy that God showed His love to them that day! Their faith had been renewed!


Man healed of HIV

This man was diagnosed with AIDS. We prayed for him when he was really skinny and getting closer to death. Come to find out two years later that after ministering power and authority, he was completely healed. It was a medical miracle. He has since put on weight and has a wife. God can cure incurable diseases!


Waiting over 50 years for someone to preach to him

In a gospel meeting in Bangladesh, many people were getting healed and saved. People were so excited that they were going out into the villages to tell their friends and family. The man in this video was sleeping and heard people talking about Jesus healing people at a meeting. He immediately got up and went to the meeting. He pushed through the crowd into the front of the line. See what happened by clicking on the video.

Camel Driver Healed & Saved on the Side of the Road

We were in India, driving from a gospel meeting on our way to the airport. We seen some men on Camels and wanted to stop and take a picture. We found out one of the men had pain in his knee, so we prayed over him to be healed. After the second prayer he was healed. In the Indian culture they nod their head side to side to say yes, like we do in America, nodding our heads front to back. You can see that and the man saying the prayer of salvation in the video. 


Paralyzed Dog Instantly Healed

Our daughter dropped our dog to the floor on accident. She is a miniature chihuahua and became partially paralyzed, even her bowels were emptying out. Only the left side of her body was working, the right side was stuck in one position and she was trying to run with the left side of her body, but was spinning around. So Ashley, myself and our two 7 year old kids started commanding that she be healed. We prayed over her for about 2 minutes. Then we had her test it out. Miraculously, when I put her on the ground she was completely healed. No issues at all. Didn't even look like she was sore, not even a limp.


Lady Healed at Peter's house in Israel

 My wife and I were in Israel with another couple. We were seeing some of the ruins in Capernaum and went inside the church that is on top of Peter's house. We were all looking down at the ruins of Peter's house when I seen a lady with a brace on her arm. I went up to her and asked if I could pray. She didn't understand, so I just put my hand on the brace and commanded it to be healed. I asked if it was healed by using the thumbs up sign. She was confused so I prayed again. She was really surprised and took her cast off and was moving it all around. It looked like she was healed. She then left the church. My wife prompted me to give her a gospel tract and lead her through the prayer of salvation, so I ran up to her and led her through it. Then she dragged her husband to me that couldn't see very well and wanted me to pray. I put my hand on his shoulder and commanded him to be healed as well. She asked him how it was and got really excited because he said he was healed too! Praise Jesus! Still healing people in the place where He used to walk and perform miracles!


Suicide Word of Knowledge

My family and I were walking through a store recently and seen a man. The Lord started telling me that he has depression and thoughts of suicide. So I told him I am a christian and want to pray for him. So I layed my hand on his shoulder and rebuked depression and suicide out of him. I asked if I was right and he told me I was and that he had struggled with those things a lot recently. I asked if he knew Jesus and he said he did, so I told him Jesus was going to make him feel a lot better. This 5 minutes out of my life probably saved this man's actual life.

Eyes Healed 7,000 Miles Away

A man in India had eye pain and couldn't see close up. The optometrist told him he needed to get glasses in order to correct the issue. My wife Ashley and I commanded his eyes to be healed over the phone, over 7,000 miles away. The pain immediately left one of his eyes, so we kept at it until the other one was healed as well. After a few more times, all the pain was gone and he could see much better. Now he doesn't need glasses anymore. God can heal at any time and at any distance!

Heart Healed at a Distance

My family history is all males have heart disease and none have lived to be 60. Through technology I am 71 and have had 17 stents and a Quad bi pass 8 years ago. I have recently been having shortness of breath can’t pick up a gallon of milk without extreme pain in my left arm.

I saw a article about The Elijah Challenge and requested prayer. The next day I received a call from Lucas who prayed with me over the phone. Immediately I felt my finger tips tingle and I have had NO symptoms since. I believe Christ cured me immediately. I can now walk very fast without gasping for air and My Cardiologist who I saw yesterday said I was doing excellent and see him in a year. Praise God!

My wife and I are going for training in 2 weeks and we are excited Christ is not finished using us yet.

Howard Yonce

McKinney, Texas

Healed, Saved, and Started 4 House Churches in one Year

An Indian man attended the crusade we held as an unbeliever and a notorious alcoholic in his village with a bad back problem. He had an accident in 2007 and couldn’t bend down anymore. He was healed at the meeting when I commanded the crowd to be healed [at a distance]. He even came up on stage to testify. The local news channel actually had him on tape testifying about it (see clips of it at the end on YouTube). He then accepted Jesus to be his Lord and Savior at that meeting.  Fast forward about a year in the future, Sonu has established and is leading four house churches of about 100 people. 



More than Expected hear that the Name of Jesus Heals

While holding a crusade in Bihar, India, more than 1,000 souls (about 1500) gather for healing and to see the move of God through the name of Jesus. As I preach the gospel and command people to be healed through Jesus in the crowd and the thousands listening in the streets outside of the stadium, many were healed. I called those who were healed to come up and give their testimony. As they did the loudspeakers echoed the precious name of Jesus and that He loves everyone and that He still heals. The 1500 people in the stadium heard it, the many thousands of people walking around in the city heard it, and millions of other people will continue to hear it. Why millions? Because God loves more than just the thousands. He loves the millions and billions. He demonstrated His love that day by orchestrating 14 different news stations to be at this small meeting. The very next day newspapers and videos went out all over India and the world with the headlines that say "People healed in the name of Jesus." The news reports saying that Jesus is good and will heal and deliver you.

Between the two days, out of the 4,500 people inside the meeting we conservatively estimate 2,500 came to accept Jesus as their savior that we will count. However, there were thousands (well over 10,000) outside of the stadium listening and getting touched and healed by God each day, so we can only wonder about the full impact. Only God knows.

Words of Knowledge for Bad Heart and Suicide

I was walking by a jewelry booth at county fair, then all the sudden my heart started hurting. I walked back to the booth to see if the workers had a bad heart. One lady was surprised and said yes. I told her God loves her and wants to heal her and asked if I could pray for her. She said yes. So I commanded her heart to be healed and then I got words that she was depressed and was suicidal. Then I rebuked the spirit of depression and suicide. She was really surprised because she had been struggling with both of those things recently. She said she felt a lot better and lighter after I prayed over her. After that I asked if she wanted to say the prayer of salvation. She said yes and then said it.

 Scientologists and New Age Psychics Saved by a Challenge with God's Power

While at a county fair in Minnesota I approached a new age medium psychic booth and asked the workers if they believed in Jesus and if they wanted to say the salvation prayer. They said they believed in Him but didn't want to say the prayer. I challenged them that if they let me lay hands on them and they felt God's power they would say the prayer. They said yes. I laid hands on them and they felt His power, so they accepted Jesus. I did the same thing with two Scientologists at two different times. They both felt the power of God and both said the prayer of salvation. 

Street healing and evangelism in Cuba

My wife Ashley and I took two hours out of our day in Cuba to walk the streets of Havana. We didn't speak much Spanish, but whenever we tried asking someone if we could pray for them, someone came up and interpreted for us. The afflicted person would get healed and saved and then the interpreter would get saved as well because of the miracle. Then the interpreter walked with us for about 20 minutes interpreting for other people to get healed and saved. This happened three times during the two hours. God healed at least 20 people during the 2 hours  and saved about 110 people by saying the prayer of salvation from Romans 10:  9-10. People were healed of leg pain, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, arthritis, a crooked arm made straight, and headaches. We also got someone saved in a shop dedicated to Santeria and other similar witchcraft religions, which I believe is pretty heavy warfare against the enemy.

Paralyzed from an invisible arrow

There is a man who was paralyzed for a year after a car accident who was a believer already. I prayed for him for over a half hour and he wasn't getting healed. He couldn't feel below his waist or move his legs. I asked the Lord what the problem was and He showed me in the spirit an arrow sticking out of his stomach severing the nerves between the spine. So I pulled it out in faith and commanded him to be healed one more time. I pinched his foot and he jerked his whole leg up because it was painful. He was obviously healed because I had been pinching his leg and foot hard before that and he didn't feel anything.

Deaf People Hear Again

I was ministering to a line of people and there were about 4 of them that had severe hearing loss or were deaf. One couldn't hear out of one ear, two that could hardly hear at all, and another that was fully deaf. One at a time I put my fingers in their ears and commanded them to open, be healed, and all unclean spirits to leave. After one or two tries they were all healed and then accepted Jesus as a result.

Deliverance from a hug

There was a psychopathic 8 year old kid that was an orphan who would hide razor blades to cut the other kids and he would poison them and just do off the wall evil things. I was commanding his brain to be healed and all unclean spirits to leave. Then he started manifesting a demon, but it didn't come out and the kid got really scared. So I stopped and asked the Lord what he needed. The Lord said he needed love and a hug. So the next day I cornered him and gave him a hug and commanded the demons to leave and they left. The kid just melted down in my arms and was completely changed. The orphanage owner said it was a complete miracle that the kid hugged me back

Blind orphan see's for the first time

There was a 4 year old orphan boy who was blind. His eyes were moving all over the place like they were floating. I tested to make sure he couldn't see and was sure he couldn't. So I commanded him to be healed about three times. His eyes started to clear up and his eyes could follow my finger. Later I tested it again and it was way better. He followed my finger with his eyes, smiled at me, and then grabbed my finger. It was amazing!

Jesus destroy's severe arthritis

There was an old man that had severe arthritis that could barely walk and barely move any of his joints on his whole body. I commanded the pain to leave and the joints to loosen up and had him test it out. He was then able to swing his arms around, bend down and around and kick in a vigorous manner. He was completely healed and could then walk and move like a young man again. 

Deaf and mute boy says Jesus

There was a boy around 9 or 10 that couldn't hear or speak. He has never said a word in his entire life. One of the pastors that had listened to the training was ministering to the boy and within several minutes the boy spoke his first word. JESUS. The boy was healed. He could now hear and speak!

Begging to receive Christ

I was on a plane sitting next to a man that was telling me about a disease he had that whenever he ate meat his skin turned white. I asked if I could pray for him and he said yes. So I put my hand on his shoulder and said "be healed in the name of Jesus." After that he was basically begging me to receive Jesus because he felt the power flow into him. So I led him through the Romans 10: 9-10 prayer and had him repent. He told me after he said that he felt such a peace and happiness that he had never felt before.

Self healing in Jesus's name

I was teaching to about 60 or 70 people in India. After I taught for a while, I had someone get up that was sick or in pain to I could demonstrate that I could heal someone in the name of Jesus. I told them that God lives in me and when I lay hands on them the power of God flows through me and heals people. I can't remember what issue the person had, but after I laid hands on them they were healed. This solidifies the teaching and builds their faith.The testimony was that one of the people in the crowd had a broken toe and believed enough to lay hands on herself. She commanded the toe to be healed and it was immediately healed! She was so excited. This really solidifies the teaching and builds the congregations faith when they see that an ordinary believer like themselves can lay hands on people and they will recover. Every meeting is like this, but I thought it was cool that she had the faith to lay hands on herself to get healed.


Salvation from a challenge with God's power

I was riding in a taxi with my friend and began telling the driver about Jesus. The driver had heard about Him, but did not want to accept Him as Lord. I asked the driver if he would accept Jesus if felt the peace of God. The driver said yes he would, so I asked if I could put my hand on his shoulder to pray. He said yes, so I did. I said "Lord show him your perfect peace" and then I commanded peace to come upon him. Then we seen goose bumps start to rise up on his body all the way up to his neck stopping at his head. I asked if he felt it  and if he wanted to accept Jesus now. He excitedly said yes and enthusiastically said the prayer. At the end he was so happy he didn't even want to take our cab fare money.

Jesus delivers when sorcerer's can't

There was a lady who was having struggles with demons. She said she was demon possessed and went to several sorcerers and witch doctors to get rid of them. I asked her if she knew about Jesus and if she believed that Jesus could deliver her. She said  knew about Him and that He could deliver her. I put my hand on her shoulder and she started to manifest a demon by making faces, crying, and shaking violently. From there I looked her in the eyes and commanded the demons to leave. Within an instant they left and she was back to normal. She said she felt like a huge burden was lifted and was now as peace. Then she accepted Jesus and repented for her sins and got connected with a local church.

Breakthrough by asking God

There was another lady that came up that said she had headaches and other pain in her body. I laid hands on her and commanded healing. She started manifesting a demon, so I commanded them to come out, but they wouldn't leave. I spent about two minutes trying to cast them out. Many people will spend 2, 3, or even 5 hours commanding demons to come out. I would rather not do that, so I ask my boss, Father God. I asked Him why she was not being healed and delivered. Then the Holy Spirit told me she had unforgiveness. I asked the lady if she had unforgiveness and she of course said yes. I had her repent for it and had her confess that she forgives this person. Then I commanded the demons to leave and her to be healed again. She still wasn't healed or delivered, so I figured it was something else and was about to ask God again. Just then one of the pastors heard from the Holy Spirit that she didn't truly forgive that person. So I told her to go off to the side and work it out in her heart and would try again when she truly forgave the person. About two minutes later the lady was all excited and said she truly forgave the person and then immediately after that she felt a huge release and then all her pain was gone. Once the legal right for the demon(s) had been broken they had to leave because I already told them to leave.

Cataracts leaves in Jesus's name

There was an old man that came up for prayer. He had cloudy eyes and could barely see. I placed my fingers on his eyes and commanded them to be healed. I said it three times. When he opened his eyes they were much more clear and he said he could see much better. Because he was healed he accepted Christ as his Lord and savior.

Two boys healed of partial paralysis

Two boys came up for prayer at different times. Each one had an arm that was paralyzed. They could move one of their arms, but the other one couldn't move and didn't have any feeling in it. I laid hands on them and commanded all evil spirits to come out and be healed. After repeating the command once or twice more the boys were healed.

The boy that couldn't eat

There was a boy that was about 13 years old and was lame from the neck down. He didn't really have any strength in any of his limbs. He couldn't even lift his arms up to his mouth to eat. Myself and another pastor prayed over him for a few minutes and then all the sudden he was able to lift his arms up. He started regaining strength enough to be able to feed himself. His parents have been feeding him his whole life. He didn't get fully healed right in front of us, but I believe God started a good work and will finish it. His parents were pretty excited that he could finally feed himself though.

The girl that couldn't eat

There was a girl that couldn't move her arms up to eat or move her fingers to grab anything. She was about 14 years old and wasn't a believer yet. We commanded her to be healed and for her fingers to straighten out. We then had her test it out to see if it got better. We commanded healing about 5 or 6 times. Each time it got a little better. By the end of it almost all of her fingers straightened out and was able to raise her arms above her head. Her mother was pretty excited since she had to feed her since she was born. Now she could feed herself and they both accepted Christ. 

Pain and swelling leaves from spider bite

A lady had been bit by a spider near her eye and wrist. I put my hand on her wrist and commanded the pain to leave and to be healed. he pain immediately left, which freaked out the woman. So, I then prayed for her eye and the pain left that area as well. She said it started feeling really weird, but the pain had left. The swelling left shortly after as well. She was amazed because I told her if she confessed the Romans 10: 9-10 prayer and confessed her sins she could have the same power in her to the same things. She then confessed Jesus as Lord and confessed her sins. She knew about Jesus, but not like this. She wanted to learn more!

Lady healed of fiery arthritic pain in shoulder

My wife and I were at a family reunion and were talking about some of our trips and some healing stories. This lady then told us she has a fiery pain in her shoulder that shoots down her back that was caused by arthritis. So we asked if we could pray. She of course said yes. So we laid hands on her and commanded the pain to leave. We told her to test it out and she said "this is fricken weird, the pain is all gone." She kept repeating that for a while. She was so surprised that God would heal her. I told her that God really loves you and He just showed you He cares about you by healing you.

Another challenge of God's power for salvation

I met up with a pastor and his family to stay for the weekend. Him and his wife had seen many miracles in their life and in their marriage of 27 years. His mother-in-law had seen them too, but refused to accept Christ as her Lord and savior. Out of my mouth came the boldness of God and said "she will be saved tomorrow." I felt a little embarrassed after I said that because I am not that bold. I knew it was the Holy Spirit speaking through me. So the next morning I asked to see her. I asked if she will accept Jesus as her savior. She said no. I replied by asking her if she will follow Him if she feels the power of God. She said yes. So I asked to lay hands on her and then asked God to show her His power and peace. I knew she felt it by the look on her face, but I asked anyway. Did you feel it? She said yes. I will accept him. So I had her say the prayer and asked if she felt His peace. She said yes as she was holding back the tears. The challenge worked! It always does when a salvation of one of God's little sheep is on the line!