India Ministry

Our ministry in India works on many levels. We try to go there at least once each year to teach believers and hold crusades to preach the Gospel to the lost. Since we can't just drive there whenever we want, we started a TV ministry to teach and preach the Gospel as well. Click here to see more about the TV ministry.

Our coordinator,Pastor and Teacher, Amit  does live there, so he does a lot more in-house teaching and preaching. He does the same things we do, but much more. In addition, he houses and teaches a handful of individuals to mold and shape them in our footsteps so that our impact can be even greater to bring even more glory to God. He also manages teams of evangelists to spread the Gospel even further.

One Way Ministries Pastor & Coordinator


This is Pastor Amit , from New Dehli, India. He is currently a pastor and Coordinator for One Way Ministries and is moving into the Apostleship role as he teaches, mentors, and helps build churches and new ministries.

One Way Leadership


These are some of the leaders that are on the ground doing the hard work of teaching, preaching, evangelizing, healing the sick, and planting house churches. They are doing a great job leading many to the Lord and building up the body of Christ everyday!

House Churches


This is one of the house churches that one of the leaders started. We have 6 dedicated house church planters right now. We felt like the Holy Spirit told us to start house churches, so we are planting as many as we can. Since we started in November, 2018, they started over 100 of them. We just added another church planter that was healed and saved at our crusade, that already had 4 of his own house churches (see his testimony here).

More healing and salvations to come


There are about 1.5 billion people in India. About 95% of them are not Christians. There are many more people to preach the Gospel to here in India and that's what we are going to do!