House Churches


Why House Churches

We feel like the Lord called us to start planting house churches and train others to start them and oversee them because it encourages strong growth and protects the members from persecution (present and future). Currently we have one in Minnesota and over 75 in India (and growing). We are working on another one in Minnesota and have set up a base in Bangladesh to start planting them there as well. Soon, Pakistan too!

We believe house churches create stronger and more mature Christians. The intimacy brings more participation and keeps people accountable to keep coming. We believe the kingdom of heaven is about multiplication, so we teach multiplication in regards to training, healing, discipleship, salvation, and house church planting. With the 6 leaders that we have designated to plant house churches, they all trained at least one more person to do the same, so now we have 15 leaders planting churches. They will be training others to do the same as well. 

Each leader selects someone to lead the church and then oversee's all of the house churches that they have started. Each leader has to attend two training sessions that last for 10 days each, which covers the basics of what they should know and teach. Follow up is important with this. 

We know God's hand is in this because from the moment He told us to do it, it has been fruitful. We have been getting over 10 every month, but is increasing more every month due to the exponential component to it.