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We teach people to live like Jesus did. He preached the gospel, created disciples, and healed people wherever He went, being moved by love and compassion. We go to different places around the world teaching people to live like Christ! We have seen blind eyes open, crippled healed, and so much pain disappear in the name of Jesus. Not just by our hands, but at the hands of ordinary believers we teach as well.

How do we do it?


We are able to teach people to live like Jesus by showing them their identity in Christ. We teach only from scripture on power, authority, faith, love, gifts of the Holy Spirit, and evangelism by being led by the Lord. After teaching we demonstrate by healing someone with the power, authority, and faith Jesus gave us. After that we have ordinary believers do the same thing with the power, authority, and faith Jesus gave them. Every believer can heal someone in Jesus's name for the sake of reaching the lost.

Invite us to see for yourself


Invite us to teach at your church, hold a healing meeting or crusade. We will travel anywhere to teach disciples and save the lost. Let us show you how to live like Christ and heal people wherever you go. Your whole church congregation can be out healing people and saving the lost everyday! Your church walls will be so full, you will have to ask God for another building to hold all the people! Just click the Home button and at the bottom of the page so you can leave a message.